Cherrystone Management Ltd. specialises in providing equipment leasing, rental and service to customers engaged in infrastructure development projects throughout the world. The construction of oil and gas pipelines is a specialty. Automatic welding systems, welding tractors, heat treatment systems and ultrasonic diagnostic systems have been successfully provided to customers in Russia, Central Asia and the Middle East.

The company arranges for state-of-the-art equipment, sourced from North America and Europe, to be insured, export packed, customs cleared and delivered, on time & when needed, to the customer’s site. The customer may then choose to rent or lease the equipment with technical supervisors provided by Cherrystone, or to engage Cherrystone to operate the equipment with Cherrystone’s own staff of skilled technicians.  Cherrystone carefully screens and certifies its technicians for work in remote locations.  Likewise, the company is responsible for supplying spare parts and servicing the equipment.

Cherrystone is committed to establishing excellence in its operations through continual review and improvement of its management system with the goal of enhancing customer satisfaction. The company’s objectives are:

  • Timely delivery
  • Delivery of correct goods
  • Proper documentation
  • Proper marking
  • Proper packing